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About me

First of all, I like to thank you for visiting my Fan Pheng page. Please don't for get to "Like" SpencerFanPheng@facebook "Jow Lem Lao Bau" Is the first single from my Album. It's is a Number One Hit!Don't forget to listen the english version, "Flames of Love"My Albums is call Spencer Laos New Wave. It have many great dance songs. It will take you back to the time of NEW WAVE. This is Pop/Dance with all new sounds! Alittle more about me...People asked me, "When did you start in music?"Not sure where to begin, but as I remember I was a child, my family always listen to thai/lao music. At that time most people listen to cassette tape. It was the only entertainment. My sister and I would pretend to be singers and dancers and over time we got really good at it. It was something that comes very naturally for me. I guess that kinda got me started in music. Our parents always like to host dinner parties and invited thier friends, typical asian culture. My parents love for us to entertain their friends, and they would asked us to put on a show. After performing singing and dancing we would get some tips. Making a dollar that was alot of money and I thought it was awesome. When I reached my teen years, like most people, I found life very hard, but it was also a time of discovery. I found myself loving music and writing lyrics. I knew one day I would join a band and so I did. My band travelled to perform at parties and weddings. It's always fun when you are young and don't have any real responsibilities. Now I am very happy to say that I have encountered many interesting people and learned a lot of things as I have grown. My family loves music, especially my sister Sue. She alway listened to the latest Pop music and played her new discoveries for me all of the time. I have to say they are my inspiration. We are a big family, always close and tight. Why did I call my album, SPENCER LAOS NEW WAVE? In the mid 80's, New Wave music was very popular. I grew up hearing it. It was always on my mind that I would one day be writing my own lyrics and singing it. I wanted to bring New Wave back and give it a laotian/thai twist. Ok enough for right now, If you want to ask me some questions, please email me. Don't forget to check back for updates. Please support by telling your family and friends about me. Koy kop jai lai lai, let huk pheng gun da der!

Close up with Spencer

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